Environmental, Social, and Governance


We are Committed to Reducing Our Environmental Footprint

We’re aiming to reduce our greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by converting one of our offices into our main “home office” and move all our employees to this one central location. Our “home office” is being designed to meet the requirements of the certified level of the LEED accreditation program as well as a wide range of exciting and important environmental features such as bioswales planted with native vegetation for capturing runoff water, structural steel and cold-formed framing made with recycled materials, high-efficiency variable speed air-cooled 350-ton water chillers, and more.


Our Culture of Commitment, Compassion, and Community is our Bedrock

Our most cherished social contribution revolves around our purpose: “It’s all about helping people.” Our superb patient care is the result of the rigorous fine-tuning of our processes to provide reliable quality assurance.

Hand in hand with our focus on patients, we are also deeply committed to serving our employees. We provide extensive training and development opportunities for all our staff, creating a companywide passion for learning. We’re proud of our having the highest employee satisfaction rating in the industry.

In 2019, we made approximately $2 million in charitable contributions to causes both locally and nationally, including United Way, Boys & Girls Clubs, Toys for Tots, the American Heart Association, and the American Red Cross.


We are Passionately Committed to Operating at the Highest Ethical Levels

Integrity is at the very heart of our culture and it dictates how we operate. It has also led us to develop a robust system of compliance policies and operating practices.

Our Compliance Program is among the strongest and most sophisticated in the industry. New hires are educated on our compliance practices upon joining our team and we conduct annual risk assessments with all our employees.

Also reviewed on an annual basis are the policies that guide our HIPAA and data security practices. We work vigorously to assure the security of all data, devices, and data access.