Environmental, Social, and Governance


We’re Actively Reducing our Environmental Footprint

Carbon intensity is our most significant environmental priority. By using improved logistics and route planning to reduce overall fuel consumption from patient visits – as well as our ongoing initiative to consolidate our Home Office operations into one central, LEED-accredited facility – we have achieved a significant reduction in our greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. As we move forward, we will continue seeking out and implementing policies and practices that help us increase our efficiencies and preserve the environment we share with our friends, families, and communities around the nation.


Our Culture of Compassion, Community, and Inclusion is our Bedrock

As a major healthcare provider, the quality of care we provide for our patients is our primary social commitment. Thanks to an ongoing and rigorous fine tuning of our processes, LHC Group remains an industry leader in quality of patient care and patient satisfaction ratings. Our company culture has been recognized as among the best in the nation by independent observers based on employee feedback, and we have achieved some of the highest employee satisfaction scores in the industry. We are committed to nurturing a diverse, equitable, and inclusive workforce, with fair treatment and equal opportunities for all. We provide extensive training and development opportunities for all staff members, creating a companywide passion for learning.


We Operate at the Highest Levels of Ethics and Integrity

Our culture is built on a foundation of high ethical standards and expectations across all levels of our organization. Our Compliance Program is among the strongest and most sophisticated in the industry, and has helped us develop and implement a robust system of compliance policies and operating practices. Each policy has been developed in relation to a specific problem, and is regularly reviewed alongside the policies guiding our HIPAA and data security practices. From new hires to seasoned employees, we teach and expect everyone to do the right thing – each and every time.