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Tailored in-home Healthcare for Patients

LHC Group, Inc. is the preferred in-home healthcare partner for more than 400 leading U.S. hospitals and health systems. We meet healthcare needs for patients facing illness, injury, or chronic conditions and aim to improve the quality of life in the U.S. by transforming the delivery of healthcare services.

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Creating a Patient-centered Continuum of Care

LHC Group, Inc. is a national provider of in-home healthcare services and innovations for communities around the nation, offering quality, value-based healthcare to patients primarily within the comfort and privacy of their home or place of residence. The company’s 29,000 employees deliver home health, hospice, home- and community-based services, and facility-based care in 37 states and the District of Columbia – reaching 68 percent of the U.S. population aged 65 and older. Through Imperium Health, the company’s ACO management and enablement company, LHC Group helps partners improve both savings and patient outcomes with a value-based approach. As the preferred joint venture partner for more than 400 leading U.S. hospitals and health systems, LHC Group works in cooperation with providers to customize each partnership and reach more patients and families with an effective and efficient model of care.

LHC Group at a Glance

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We’re a Proven Value Creator on an Accelerated Growth Path

Our Improved Value Proposition

Our main segment, home health, is in front of industry tailwinds with a transition to value-based reimbursement from Medicare and other third-party payors.

Our Unique Assets and Positioning

We provide a comprehensive in-home healthcare solution on a national scale and are a proven leading partner for hospitals and health systems.

Our Successful and Significant Growth Strategy

Our continued organic growth from industry-leading quality service, as well as growth from joint ventures and acquisitions, are fueled by our strong balance sheet.

We’re Benefitting from Consolidation within the Home Health Market

We’re facing a historic consolidation opportunity to build on an already- proven M&A track record within the highly fragmented home health market.

We’re Advancing Care Coordination and Technology for in-home Health

Home is the preferred setting for patients and families due to lower cost-of-care and higher quality resulting in an improved value proposition.

Environmental, Social, and Governance

An Important Aspect of Our Future Success

While focusing on the future of LHC Group, we look to ESG to help us improve upon our policies, practices, vision, and values. Our goals are to improve our quality and service to patients, enrich work life for our employees, strengthen our business performance, increase shareholder value and lighten our impact on the environment.

Our Approach to ESG

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